1st Shawal 2015

Selamat Hari Raya!

Just like last year, I spent most of my Hari Raya at Abang Jamil's house but not before doing final touches, spending time with Ayah at my house for a while.

Every year, I sebak and especially on such an occasion, I am constantly reminded on the entire family dynamic we have.

Anyways, this year, I made Jhon do the salaman officially. Nothing complicated, just "Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin" First few times, he was stumbling with his words and also was nervous, after a few people, it was smooth sailing. Orang dah confident.... hehe

After a while we headed to Abg Jamil's/ my future home.

Bored after lunch so feeling photoshoot.

It seemed we had the place to ourselves at first but after a few good hours, turns out Abg Jamil was in a deep sleep in his room after his morning Hari Raya solat. lol Mak came afterwards and we had our salaman.

He said he made that face because he is trying to cover his teeth while trying to laugh.

At night, Abang came by with his family.

Shibly and Syihab absolutely adores Abg Jamil and loves hanging out at his place. All they did was play toys.

Suddenly Syihab was bitten by the shutterbug. He was so obsessed in taking photos.

He kept insisting on people saying "Cheese" while taking photos and if we don't, he kept repeating until we did. lol

He asked his dad to hold a toy car for the photoshoot. haha

I told Syihab to take a photo of himself and he actually tried to do a selfie with the DSLR by stuffing his face in front of the lens. After which, we let him experience the timer function which brings out the natural smiles of the family.

Eventually, everyone left. While waiting for Mak and Abg Jamil catch on on a Korean drama, Jhon and I went out for our usual nightly cat feedings.

That pretty much sums up our first shawal.

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