Snow City in Singapore 2016

This is the second time Jhon and I went to Snow City and the place had improved a little since 2011.
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This time around, we went with my bro's family and Syazan, It's basically the same family we always hang out with lah. hehe It was the first time for everyone else and I could not wait to see how the kids would react.

We first entered an small area with cool ice sculptures all around with a mini ice slide. This is also the beginning of our enormous collection of photo tickets. Bertepek you know?

.After exiting the room, we find ourselves to a small area of more displays and just to the right of it was the 3-storey snow slide.

Me and my over sized gloves

It was as fun as I remembered it and as usual, I slid as many times as I could.

Syihab looked scared here but he was actually very cold. It was the cutest thing (also kesian lah). He was shivering, there was even ice down his pants and his nose was red but he still wanted to play with the snow.

The place now also has a second storey but it had limited displays and clearly had more room for improvement. Other improvements I would love to see was finer snow and they need to have timed snow fall to make the experience more fun. Just like at 2 Degree Ice Art  Jhon and I went last year.

Family portrait.

Syazan with his biggest white smile.

And of course, Jhon and I and we were looking forward to see the snow mobile again so we can take a photo for nostalgic reasons.

4 years difference between photos and we looked so different. To be specific, old.... espcially Jhon. lol Maybe in 4 years time, we should come again and do the same pose again. hehe

Anyways, everyone had a wonderful time and that's all that matters. I bet it was a nice experience for everyone to experience bedek snow. Guess how much my bro spent on 9 photos? 99 freaking dollars man! And we had already skimmed way more than that with the photos we actually took.
I guess it's the disadvantages of going with a group especially a family because you just can't resist the photos.

Seriously Snow City, you should either charge lesser for entry tickets or charge WAY LESSER for your photos.

So if you ever visit Snow City, just be prepared for the photo charges lah eh.


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