Leaving (not) on a Jetplane

I've just sent Jhon away this morning at the airport for his yearly 'balik kampung' trip. I did not follow this time because 'tengah nak save duit nak kahwin lah'. Especially Jhon had to visit his dentist there to fix his broken tooth (that's why he does not show his teeth when he smiles in photos lately), he will be spending a lot in this trip.

I am jealous because his sister just gave birth to a a very cute baby boy and EVERYONE said little Jayden looked like Jhon as a baby. I wanna see in real life!

I also can't wait to see official baby photos taken by Jhon while he is there.
OUR future baby suppose to look like this ah... Not more China genes please. I want Spanish genes pulak. lol

Anyways, Jhon will be away for 9 days which is the shortest trip there. Mostly because he didn't make full use of the Chinese New Year holidays like he usually does and leave 'pun kena' save for wedding. =P

Meantime, this is what I will do until he comes back.

lol Okay, maybe not so miserable to a point I am just staring out the drain window but definitely staying indoors and do couch potato things.


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