He's Back!

As expected, 9 days came and gone and now my other half is back and I am complete again. hehehe

His chipped tooth was removed but due to time constraints, he can't get his teeth fixed so he has to do it in Singapore. So for the mean time, senyum manis.... =P

 Jhon didn't bring his ez-link card so had to use the standard ticket. I very the suaku and the card looks cute.

I also managed to satisfy my craving of the Chicken Salad at Istanbul Gourmet.

After the late lunch, I followed Jhon home to keep his luggage and we walked back to my place to pass me clothes he bought for me and my nephews. Mean while, selfie time! It's so unlike me but the new handphone and feeling physically good about myself helps. =p

I look like a bug eyed chipmunk but that's how I look so... accept aje lah.


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