Show Me the MONEY!!!

I've blogged about duit hantaran and it's issues here but now I'm going to light-heartedly talk about how to showcase your duit hantaran yang beribu-ribu tu. Pictures were collected over a long period of time so sorry I didn't provide proper source but the first 2 photos I photoshopped. =P Clearly, I was just bored and randomly typed for fun.

Whether your duit hantaran is $6,000 ke, $8,000 ke, $10,000 ke or even $12,000 (fuyoo!) the way to display it is always the same.

Frame it up simply.

Even it's just a cheque, lagi senang.

But I was wondering, if there is any other way to display the money in a different manner? Kononya nak jadi unique lah. Well, apparently, yes. Let's take a look at it together shall we?

Money Bouquets

Pretty right? I figured that you would need a string of 10 $100 notes to fold 1 rose but Singapore money now is plastic so good luck in folding them all.

Money Trees/ Shrubs

Some actually did this in Malaysia.

lol I just have to share it. Who knows some willing to do it for their wedding? Nowadays weddings are so modern and 'out there'. Jhon hates this by the way. haha

Money Cake / Cupcake

This was hilarious! This was made as an Ang moh graduation gift but I just got to share. You what was even funnier? As I was giggling and showed the picture to my mom and sis, they said it was nice. -_________-

Lastly and little realistically,

Simple Money Origami

Jhon and I love this one. We are considering to have this done although it's going to be slightly leceh with plastic money but I think it's do-able.

Butterfly is also nice but even more leceh. Tak payah melebih eh? Too much mak cik ni.
At least I am not choosing the money tree or cake. lol


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