Photographer Booked!

Having a photographer and videographer for a wedding can leave big hole in your pocket. Base on general estimate, it can cost you more than $3,500! Sure, there are packages for both photo and video but the skill of work is not consistent (good photos, poor video and vice versa). We had already booked videography [click here] and we basically had a budget of $1,200 to work with. If you've have researched for photographers, that amount is too little for really good quality photos.

That's why we couldn't be more grateful when we saw this vendor that is packaged together with Vesari Ade. I've mentioned them 2 times in the previous posts so it's none other than.

 Invogue Photography!
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We happen to see their actual wedding photography photo album at Versari Ade's office as we were trying to book for bridal/ andaman. The photos looked fantastic so we had to ask who was the photographer. Invogue is their in-house photographer for indoor and outdoor photoshoot and apparently, also do actual day photography too.

Invogue is a Chinese company so it would be a little weird to have a Chinese photographer running around, taking the photos. Most people have this stigma of wanting to hire Malay vendors only because they know more about the goings and comings of a wedding and not to mention it's traditions. But since Invogue had been around for so long and the fact that the photos didn't look like it was any how taken, I have faith with them.

I wish there are more photos to share. The pictures on the website seems to be old and I could tell the quality is different from the recent pictures that we physically saw.

Anyways, we took our time on booking this time because we went surveying first but we still went back to Invogue. It's hard, you know, wanting good quality photos that capture moments at an affordable price. It also didn't help that Jhon is into photography so my standards also increased. =P 

Their 10 hour service was $1,600 but 7 hour service was at $1,100. Even if we had additional hours, it would peak at $1,400. They would give ALL photos taken, 500 pieces of 4R photos and a table top photo. I am contemplating on forgoing the table top and negotiate a price because I am already not only getting a table top but also a canvas photo from our indoor/ outdoor photoshoot. We shall see how it goes.

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Over budget by $200 but I think it's worth it when I see the videographer and photographer we got. Sometimes, I wish I am not so particular with the qualities of the photos, confirm not over budget but these are the best at the best price for us. =D


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