I Quit!

I resigned from my job of 6 years. It was my first job ever since I graduated. It was tough it terms of leaving a place that I have grown familiar with especially it was the place where I first met my boyfriend, Jhon Tolentino.

There were many reasons of leaving, mostly personal but what I can say is stress is breaking me down. Emotions aside, I also do not see myself working in the same company in the coming years so why would I allow myself in such a position I am not passionate about?

I also quit without a door readily open for me which is technically career suicide but don't worry, I had my finances in checked so I have a few good months to gather myself. It has been 3 days since my last resignation which many colleagues find unnecessary but what do they know?

All that is in the past now.

As for now, I am resting and help around the house. Jhon has been sick lately, I would like to think it is because he misses my daily companion so much but it's more to his usual office back and shoulder pains. He just need a good massage.

So far, I have no regrets and I know it will stay that way.


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