Kueh Siput

I had always love ‘Kueh Siput’ and it’s a rare found during Hari Raya, at least in Singapore. I remembered hogging the entire bottle at my late grandma’s house during Hari Raya. I love the crunchiness, flavorful spice and aroma.

2 years back, I had a craving for it. I even bought the ‘papan’ thingy to make it look like a ‘siput’, hokay. Previously, Mom used to just cut the dough in stripes and with a scissors, cut into diamond shapes. But I wanted the full pledged original to the T.

It all went well until mom helped fried it. EPIC FAILURE! The dough didn’t hold. I partially blame my mom because she loves to change recipe and asked me to use self-rising flour instead of wheat flour. My mom has this obsession with self-rising flour.

Ever since, I gave up. Until this year, I craved for it again and the fact that my cousin also indirectly asked for it too. For the first try, my sis and I tried it, from the book. It was semi okay but not as flavourful as it was supposed to be.

1 week later, mom tried her ’main campak’ version (which I have been asking from her but she keep insisting that we follow a cook book -_-) and as expected, it turned out yummy although it needed some modifications; add more spices. We were almost there!

Eventually, I got the ‘Kueh Siput’ that I wanted and started with the ‘mass production’. Mind you, even though it was quite easy to make the ‘siput’, it was tedious because of the size and amount but was it worth it? Yes.

Yey! I got my ‘Kueh Siput’ this year! My precious, kueh siput...
*hiss* Kan dah jadi Gollum kan..


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