Our Road to Learning Islam Pt 2

Prologue: Relationships and religions

Our Road to Learning Islam Pt 1

Alas, it was 8 June 2013 and it was time to attend our Beginners Course in Islam 2 (BCI2). After BCI1, you can either register for Solat (Prayer) 1 or BCI2. It’s up to your preference although if you want to convert as soon as possible, you need to go through BCI1 and Solat1. Since we are not in a hurry, we just pick what we fit best. Jhon wants to learn the entire ‘theory’ part so we focused on the BCI courses first.

Our BCI2 was held in a small training Room and it was full on the first Sunday. Our slot was 4:30pm to 6:00pm. Brother Anis Marica was nice and accommodating as we last met him in Knowing Islam Session and he was rather engaging.

No books were provided so you could either bring Essence of Islam given on BCI1 or a note book for notes. Brother Anis refreshed our memories from BC1 and continued with the course. It is basically a more in depth background on Islam, touching base on history, trials and tribulations.

Brother Anis would share his experiences and anecdotes which I always love from teachers. He tends to stray away slightly and his memory can betray him which is understandable since obviously we are not his only students. After a while, it has come to our attention that the teacher who was supposed to guide us was Brother Fadrullah and Brother Anis was simply substituting for the first few classes.

I admitted, I was uncomfortable with that announcement because I don’t want just any teacher but there was no choice but move forward.

After 4 classes with Brother Anis, Brother Fadrullah came in. I admitted, when he first came into the class, I thought it was a young IT guy. Haha So I was surprised that he was our teacher. He admitted that is new and it was his time teaching, I could feel the tension.

I could tell Brother Fadrullah was nervous too but after 30mins or so, everyone relaxed and the class went smoothly and rather well. Unfortunately, as weeks passed, the class became smaller. Perhaps because it was fasting month or maybe they insist with an experienced teacher, only God knows but it was really not that bad although can’t be compared with Brother Bani & Anis but we gave him a chance. I got to admit, there were times when he can stray quite far away from the slides but generally okay lah.

Our last class for BCS2 was on 4th August 2013. It was supposed to be earlier but due to postponed classes, it was pushed forward. The last class was one of his best and it ended smoothly and wonderfully.

Next stop, Solat Course 1.


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