The Proposal And What Comes Next

The proposal is not the lovey-dovey type most girls crave for but I am not most girls. Okay, I admitted, I had ever day dreamed about having chili crab dinner overlooking fireworks with Coldplay’s Fix you playing in the background and a ring gingerly pinched by the mouth watering crab claw. Hahaha =X

But I rather have him do the best and comfortable way he can. At least I know it's sincere and it comes from the heart.

Anyways, believe it or not, 2 years into our relationship, Jhon bought me a SK 0.3 carat diamond ring as the initial declaration of this long term commitment to me. I don’t want to call it a proposal because it’s not ‘set in stone’ (it’s not that we are going to get married right away) although it’s the first real stone anyone ever bought for me.

I cried as soon as I saw it after he gave a small loving speech at night on a pathway we have walked a thousand times. I didn't cry because I was surprisingly touched but I felt guilty that he spent so much on me pertaining to his situation at that time. (He comes to Singapore to work to support his family not spend $$$ on a girl -_-) And I suppose that’s what makes him wants me more as a lifetime partner and knew he had made the right decision.

Ever since, we dabble on wedding plans here and there, while keeping the declaration a secret because we knew we had many obstacles to overcome before THE day. After 3.5years, I was ready to take the plunge. We had an in-depth talk, setting timelines and budget. (Read post)

First line of business was to enroll in religious classes (read post) and Jhon to apply for Permanent Residence in Singapore (for the 2nd time, failed on 1st attempt). But before that, I decided that we should share the news to our family. When Jhon went home to the Philippines in February 2013, he did, and their reaction? “Well, it’s about time” Yes, he is the oldest child and parents are itching for a baby and they knew by Islamic/ Malay’s practice/custom, pre-marital babies are a no-no so they have been impatiently waiting for us to wed.

As for my family, I tried to announce when we had our dinner after an Adventure Cove outing but it kinda failed because family members was either busy smoking or catching up with the running kids. But somehow I managed to tell my sis and told my mom personally the next morning. Their reaction was “ahhhh… wahh… That’s good” hmm.. I know right? Not exactly jumping with joy but I guess we have been dating for so long that it’s just a matter of time.

So the journey begins… Jhon’s appointment date to REGISTER ONLY is on September 2013 and who knows how long they will tell us the verdict. Whether he will be a PR or not will determine on the type of house we can apply for, government HDB or private property and THAT is another financial haul. (We need a house before marriage)

No point researching for houses and locations since we can’t narrow down what we are even applicable for. So as for now, what we can do is research on wedding preparations just to get an idea what we want and its budget. It’s going to be stressful but I am so grateful Jhon is always hands on with everything. We have similar tastes, goals and he always have useful opinions but that does not mean there won’t be disagreements! =P

I will be sharing our thought process although we won’t be finalizing anything at the moment but it’s always good to plan ahead for plans A, B, C so that it will be less stress when the time actually comes.

Wish us luck!


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