Finally Got My Hands On You! Samsung Galaxy Note 2

It was about time I get myself a new handphone. I had been using the HTC Desire HD for almost 4 years! It is still in good condition except for the dead pixels on the left side of the screen. It emerged on July 2012 and seemed to spread over a period of time.

Hexagonal patterns from my ever trusty rubber casing. Countless of times when the HP was dropped and was safely bounced instead of cracking. lol

The system does tend to crash once in a while and I thought, I better get a new handphone before it is gone for good. I researched thoroughly and found out that Samsung Galaxy Note was the perfect phone for me. I later found out that Note 2 was rumoured to be released in a few months time.

So I waited patiently for official news and release.

A couple of months later, lo and behold, Note 2 was released and just in time as my contracts ends. Don't you love it when everything falls into place? Except it was constantly sold out along side iPhone5. I was happy when I found out there was a roadshow over the weekend and what else? I dragged my mom (we shared bill and she is the main owner) and Jhon to Wisma.

We had to wait 2 hours to get the Note 2 but it was actually not so bad. We spent 1 hour on our brunch and  another hour sitting, gossiping on random passing strangers and played with a helium filled balloon. =p

I had to upgrade my SIM card with additional costs but since I was a loyal customer, I received $50 voucher. Not only that, buying the HP from the roadshow, I got a free leather casing worth $98! wee!

Initially I wanted it in white but I realized many people wanted it in white too so I took the gray. The Note2 is as awesome as I expected to be. It is very responsive, vibrant in color and I love their functions. So far, NO REGRETS! In fact, I am loving it more every time I play with it.

The only struggle I had was handling the HP with the casing because I am not used to that type of cover. But after a day, I got used to it. Plus, the leather got softer after a few uses. 

I am so happy with my new HP! Wee! Oh yeah, my mom offered to pay part of the amount as my super belated birthday gift so yey! saved money too. lol



  1. congrats

    whats is that,the red thing back in note 2

    1. Thanks.
      You mean at the back of Note2 in picture no. 4? It's a M1 sticker. I am one of their subscribers.

  2. hey whats the leather case for your note 2 called? i'm looking for something similar .. but can't seem to find the perfect one just yet, that one seems legit! thanks <3

    1. Hi there! The leather case brand is Zenus. I believe they have their own website: :)