The Talk

Last night, Jhon and I had "the talk" about our relationship. We have it once in a while but rarely being super serious about it. You know, like how couples light heartily share their goals in the relationship.

But talking about it and seriously doing it is another thing.

We have been together for more than 5 years and marriage was never been the focal point in our relationship even though we started dating at 23 (me) and 25 (Jhon). But after 5 years, our choices has changed.

Marriage has always been at the back of our minds but there were so many obstacles that we felt that needed to overcome first. When we started dating, besides being the bread winner of his family in the Philippines, part of his income was sent to construct a 2 storey house from scratch.

Wedding and marriage takes a lot of financial attention and I thought, it would be selfish of me to add more stress. But as the house was almost finished, his mom was diagnosed with colon cancer (similar to my dad) last year. More finances and stress was leaned towards to that direction. My only concern was to support and help him in every way.

After a while, he and his parents had decided that after majority of family issues has been settled, he should focus on us. (His parents kept asking for a grand baby since last year lol)

As of now, his sis is working, bro is looking for a job, house is 90% done and his mom has successfully underwent surgery to close her intestines and stoma last Monday. She was released from the hospital just yesterday and doing well.

This means after all these years, we can focus on moving forward in our relationship!

It will probably take another few years but it just brought tears to my eyes as he told me his plans to make it work. The feeling of security that we are going somewhere instead of being of always on hold for others. He told me he will focus on saving, taking classes and move forward from there.

I hope his mom will heal smoothly and quickly to avoid anymore complications and I hope, with God's willing, our journey to the next level will be successful.


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