Immortalizing Our Love

Humans will do almost anything to show their love and better yet, immortalize it. Hoping to show their dedication, how special their love is and subconsciously wish it would last as long as the markings. Corny as it may be, there will always be that undeniable pride and happiness that some with it.

From constructing a building,

To tattooing themselves,

To the classic carving on a tree.

Contractors where building a temporary bus stop next to my block and when we saw a wet piece of concrete slab on the ground in the morning, we thought of the same thing.

After coming back from our date, we knew the concrete would be semi dry so Jhon quickly tied his shoe laces wrote our initials.

We checked 2 days later and with glee, we saw that it was official, our initials are immortalized!! At least until they demolish the bus stop. hehe

Jhon + Zura

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