Real Steel with Gurmit Singh

Thanks to Nuffnang, I managed to catch the premire gala of Real Steel.

Jhon and I have been waiting impatiently to watch that movie and we don't have to wait anymore!

Real Steel was better than expected. It's high-tech boxing with a touch of endearing moments between a father and son. Usually the mushy part of an action movie can ruin but the moments are charming and witty which I love.

So what does Gurmit Singh got to do with everything and anything?

After collecting the tickets, Jhon and I headed back down to check in our cellphones but before we did, we decided to take a picture of Atom (Robot of the movie).

It was a little irritating because as we were taking photo, a couple of people were hovering the place and before we could frown, we went "OMFG! ITS GURMIT!" in our heads. haha

Gurmit Singh was Jhon's first local artiste he admired so yes, it was a big deal to him. So, apa lagi?

That's what we wanted to but we tried to be cool... you.. know.. like whatever....

Jhon with Gurmit! He looks good in real life. =D

Watch Real Steel as it comes out on 6th October 2011!