Date Sponsored by McDonalds!

With these labels/stickers,

Jhon and I get to watch a movie with discounted tickets and FREE lunch/dinner at McDonald's! Jhon will have the roasted coffee while I have the Jasmine green tea while sharing 6pc nuggets! hehehe

If these labels seems familiar to you, you are right!

The McDonald's Monopoly game is back for it's 3rd year running!

Frankly speaking, I am not a big fan but whenever I happen to eat at McDonald's I would peel off the stickers just for fun; which I did and there was when I found out we conveniently got ourselves several Instant Win stickers just nice for a movie date and simple lunch/dinner. haha

So avid fans, go crazy!

For those who are barely interested like me, there is no harm getting those stickers and who knows, you will get a "sponsored" date from McDonald's!

Oh, by the way, you get Double labels on weekends and they have a new CHANCE card where you can get instant S$100 cash and final entry draw to win any unclaimed prizes!!

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  1. why is this not happening in malaysia.. it'd be fun.. haha :P