2nd Day of Hari Raya

Second day of Hari Raya!!

Coincidentally, most of us are wearing green but first,

Unfortunately, Kak Yana can't come along because she had to work so my bro has his 2 sons all by himself.

The 3 little boys.
Syihab, Irfan and Shibly.

Family pic!
Why am I always in the foreground? Me no like.

Bro with the boys. He said he wanted to make kak yana jealous because now he has many photos with the kids. haha

So on this day, we visited my grandmother on my paternal side, grandfather on my maternal side, went to the cementary to visit my late grandmother and Nadia (my sis's 1st daughter) and finally to Abg Awil's parents' house.

It was tiring but was nice. =)

I'm going to end this post with my "dancing" family. =D


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