Wati & Adi's Wedding Event

After the solemnisation, a quick outfit change for the official wedding event.

The part of the event that almost didn't went through due to Adi's jitters was the arrival of the groom to the bride. It is a standard act but because it was a combined wedding, couples usually opt it out. Luckily I managed to convinced Adi as it is one of the most exciting part of the wedding.

We came together but Wati had a 10 minute head start before Adi came in and naturally stopped by "gantries"

Another round of phototaking and lunch. It was awkward for me because I get to share the table along with the bestman with Wati & Adi. Where was Jhon at that time? He went home to take a dump!!
He even took his time to take a shower! -_- Surprisingly, he did all that in less than 1 hour. haha

After lunch, off for the last outfit of the day which I absolutely love!

Inul, a special guest singer with an awesome band. They play new and old songs that caters for all ages and they play wonderfully. You should have seen the guitar strumming away on the "Hotel Carlifornia" solo.

Cake Cutting!

Congratulations Wati & Adi!!
May you have everlasting love & marriage.