Missing It When It’s Gone

The ability to control your poop.

I have been missing in action in the world wide web because I have been down with gastric and diarrhea. I had it since Thursday with 2 days MC and was okay on Saturday. In fact, I went out to Queenstown the whole afternoon without a problem.

On Sunday, I started to have feel bloated and was burping and farting like some gassy orchestra.

I still went to work on Monday only to go back home after 1 hour there because I guess I look like crap (pun unintended) so my mentor shooed me away.

5 days staying at home seems delightful but not when all you can think of is if you can make it to the toilet in time. What makes things worse, the internet at my home is down for a few days so I was really out of sync with the cyber world.

Internet is still down but I am work now, trying to squeeze in a quick blog post. As for my tummy, still bloated but better. =)


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