That Valentine’s Day Explaination

Jhon told me about his confused colleague.

His Chinese colleague asked her Malay friend who wore a headscarf/hijab if she is celebrating Valentine’s Day. She answered no, she usually doesn’t and that Muslims cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day because it is not good.

Naturally, Jhon’s colleague asked why and do you know what her friend said?


I was appalled to that answer!

Islam is always misunderstood and I hate it when Muslims don’t explain themselves when someone from other religions asks questions. Isn’t it good that they are asking question and want to learn and understand?

And these people will go around confused, think with their own notions why and unknowingly spread untrue reasons to others.

So yesterday, she asked Jhon about Valentine’s Day since he is dating me.

Luckily, I had explained to him why Muslims cannot celebrate so he explained it to her. I am so proud of Jhon, a non-Muslim, who managed to explain to her correctly and the fact that he was listening to me. Haha

[Source of Valentine’s Day comes from Christian/Catholic history when they celebrate a day for Saint Valentine. The true story was vague but it was about Saint Valentine marrying off a soldier when he was not supposed to. Google for it if you are interested to know more in detail]

Anyways, everyday is a day of love for me. I am lucky to have a boyfriend like Jhon. He still reaches out for my hand when I am alighting the bus just like a countess (I don’t want princess, princess is so overrated) and steal a flower for me at events when I told him. He is willing to do “crime” for me, I find it psychopathic-ally romantic. Hehehe



  1. Valentine's Day is just one of those overly commercialised days.


  2. Bacause Valentine's Day goes back to Roman times not Islamic times, this means that is something which belongs exclusively to the Christians not to Islam and the Muslim have no share and no part in it.