Renewing Our Passports

Guess who went to ICA renew our passports?
MEEEEE! Along with my mom and Fizah. Fizah’s passport is expiring on May while mine & mom’s are on November. I know, it is a long way to go but I figured that it’s better to do it as soon as possible before it’s too late or we totally forgot about it.

 We could have gone to post out our forms but I wanted to take my photo at ICA because their camera is way better than our nearby photograph shops. *vain*
My mom had already taken her photo so I just brought her form along and I made Jhon renew his Philippine passport this Tuesday so he took photos too. =D
Everything was breezy and left the building in 30-45minutes, most of the time wasted giggling and playing around.

This is the first time mom took her passport photo with a headscarf, Fizah is unhappy with her photo, Jhon said he didn’t smile because there were a lot of wrinkles when he does and I look so matured with beady eyes!

Imagine if I have that contact lens that makes your iris bigger, I am sure I will look like a shark.
Anyways, I hope it gets renewed faster-quick because guess who is going for a vacation on April?


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