Long Over Due Post - Its Hummer Time!

(I know, super corny title =P)

I should be sharing this almost 1 mth ago but I keep forgetting about it.

On June/July, my bro was looking for a freelance photographer who is willing to work for free for a small photo shoot for a website he is suppose to design for. It’s a “small” job for a photographer so can’t expect to pay big money right?

Well, no one replied.  *act surprised* =P

On July, Jhon bought a Nikon D5000 because I keep taking him to shows/outings that would be great with a pro camera and he is very “geram” haha so when my bro saw it and was obviously desperate; he was willing to “hire” us to do the shoot for him.

What was the shoot based on?

A HUMMER 3!!!!!

Either way, we would still say yes but HUMMER LEH! We got extra excited. =D I would never have the opportunity to ride and action2 with such an awesome car. 

The shoot was on the first day of fasting and held at the Botanic Gardens. We had a few ideas on where to take the photo shoot but client’s request mah. Can’t say much. Even his choice of time sucks because of the glare of the noon sun. Mind u, we are total noobs with a pro camera.
It was blistering hot but we manage to capture some great pictures.

Bro only fast for half a day lol

About 1 week (I think) after the shoot, bro managed to officially finish the site.
You can check it out here >>; HummerMotors

So happy for bro because after all, it’s not his day job and I think HummerMotors is his biggest client.

Jhon and I are happy too because we get to play with the Hummer 3 and play Mr/Miss Photographer for a day. Lol

Nak lagi!!

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