Homemaker Weekend II

On Sunday, baked "Kueh Bangkit". You can see these during Chinese New Year too but usually without the sesame seeds... So this "kueh" is originated from which culture huh?

I love mak's because its sooo crunchy but when its in your mouth, it beautifully melts! oooooo

We baked 4 types of "Kueh" so far and dont think will bake anymore.. (we are baking for nenek only but everyone else wants it too -_-) (i -_- because we r doing it for free coz family mah... -_- lol)

But even though its just for family, my house looks like "Chinese store" already... i really dont know why.. what do u think?

 Only the "songkok" and a hari raya photo taken years ago on the bottom left is a subtle hint its a malay home. lol
Shibly came over too.. 
Sorry blur blur coz he wont stop moving lol (yeah i know theres a "moving object" settings but lazy ah! u shut up! =P"
he is so grown up and soooooooooooooooo clever and freaking cute!! especially when he says "ALLAH!!! TOLOOOOOOOOOOoOOoOoOoOoOgggggg" yes! he dragged it that long! lol and will melt your heart when he said "Oh shayang" lol so cute.. 
and look at those pacts on his chest! muscular lah! hehe what do u expect? he plays wrestling with my poor mom. lol  

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