Homemaker Weekend

'Tis the 2nd week of "kueh" making... and we made "kueh suji". u know... the indian desert u see at the counter of the indian food stalls? Its usually very big as in one palm size.. but my mom loves everything bite sized so ours are cute little ones. hehe took me a few years when i was a teen to get it right as in the "cracking" and the "honeycomb" inside but now, *ahem* perfected liao

Thats what u call perfection. lol

This is what i baked last week,

Background & bottom left: "Kueh Makmur" Theres peanut & sugar filling
Bottom right: "Biscuit Badam" or Almond Biscuit. gurantee crunchy! =P
Top right: "Tart nenas" or Pineapple tart. Self explainatory hor? hehe 
Was told im baking for 5 houses excluding our own, u know, the usual, for grandma and siblings etc. So that explains im still baking by the kilos. lol 

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