Did you hear?

 (so sianz, i want to embed some videos cannot embed.. copyright issues... -_- so u have to check out the links for 2 of the videos)

It is a-few-days-sour news but I only have time to blog about it now.

Patrick Swayze has passed away from cancer. He was only 57.
I remember growing up to his movies like “Dirty Dancing” (which is the best dance movie that none of the modern movies will ever top!!!) and “Ghost” but “Ghost” is too mushy for me *bluek* so it’s mostlyDirty Dancing
I remember watching the movie countless of times with my sis when it’s shown on TV or video tape (see how long ago it was? Lol) and I would imagine that I was dancing with him and all that jazz. *sighs* he was so uber hot that that time lor!

I gotta admit that I don’t follow up with his works after that but am still a classic fan and I hope that he had accomplished if not all, most of his life’s goals. RIP Swayze. You still got a small spot in my heart. *wink*

Another one is the infamous Kanye West.

What did he do this time? I don’t know if you guys remembered a few years back during MTV Europe Music Awards 2007, he interrupted "Justice" from their Best Video Award speech completely drunk and told them off saying that he spent so much money on HIS video that HE should win it. -___- Sore loser lor!

And you know what? I had watched Do that dance video and its wickedly simple but cool ok? see see!!
THEY DESERVE IT. pfft!! He is sooo over his head.

Now, he went to bully Taylor Swift and try to back up Beyonce’s video by interrupting the young girl's acceptance speech to her probably first MTV award! KNN right?! (i wish i can share u the video but EVERY video, blur or not, is UNAVAILABLE! LMAO!!) 

Now he is going “im soooo sorry” KNN.. sorry.. if im Taylor Swift, I will say “What Sorry?! Kiss my ass, sorry!” (ok, I just make taylor sound like a Singaporean but u get my drift) Luckily, everyone was supportive and booed at Kanye and chanted for Taylor.

He should die not Patrick Swayze! Grr! Grow up! Be matured, man! Shame on you!

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