Stranger Danger!!!!1

I think most girls have been approached by a random stranger trying to chat up with them etc and when that happens, the only thing that would run in our heads is “Get away!!!”

This is my recent encounter over the weekend.

It was a Saturday afternoon, roughly around 1.30pm and I was heading to the bus stop to go to Eunos MRT station because I was going to Wati’s house.

As soon as bus no. 94 came, I naturally head to the bus to board along with a guy who was in front of me who sort of delayed the boarding because he asked the bus driver whether the bus is heading to Eunos MRT station.

I was impatient so I just went in first, cutting him and sat down near the exit door.

While sitting down, I could see at the corner of my eye, as that guy walked to find a seat, he was looking at me but I ignored like I always do when people looked or stared. He then proceeded to sit behind me.

Everything seems normal right?

He then immediately TAPPED ON MY SHOULDER, giving me a shock as I was listening to loud music. He said sorry and tried to double confirm if the bus really goes to the MRT station. -_- I politely smiled and said yes and quickly turned around but not before he gestured that he wants to say something more.

In my head, I said “here we go again…” but I still tried to be nice and smile thinking if I just with deal it quickly, I can end it quickly.

And the conversation went…

Fat & sweaty guy: Oh sorry! Are you local?

Me: Yes, I am.

F&S guy: *talking enthusiastically and quickly as if afraid I’m going to turn around again*Oh! Singaporeans here are so polite and kind! I am from Taiwan visiting Singapore.

Me: Okay *forced grin*

F&S guy: Are you schooling?

Me: (sighs, lalalala) I am working

F&S guy: OHHHH!! But you look so young!! You really don’t look like you go to work!!

Me: (-_- ya ya… get to the point) thanks

F&S guy: What do you work as?

Me: I’m in the construction industry

F&S guy: oh you have to go to site?

Me: Yes

F&S guy: May I know how old are you?

Me: 26

F&S guy: OHH!!! You look so young!! I really thought you are below 20!!!! *2 glances to my boobs*


Me: *pulls bag to chest* haha thanks *getting ready to turn around*

F&S guy: *starts to ching chong* errr.. Do you understand & speak Chinese?

Me: Errr no, I am malay, not Chinese

F&S guy: oooohhh!!!! You are malay?!!? You really look like Chinese!!!!

Me: *forced grin* yea

At this point, I really wanted him to get to the point; all this small chat is really ridiculous! I just want to quickly deny him for whatever reason!

F&S guy: Well, okay, actually I came here from Taiwan because I am working in an agency. Perhaps you are interested in working part time? We have part time modelling, part time (don’t know what he said here) and the most popular one, social escorts.

Me: (WTF?!!?) ah! No thanks! I like to keep my weekends free for myself.

F&S guy: oh! Okay, sorry and thank you! Very nice to meet…..

Me: haha yeah okay *quickly turn around and plugged up my ears*

I was tensed throughout the whole journey because I was afraid he might chat me up again as we alighting or something and was ready to approach any malay auntie to talk to. Yes, there are men who won’t give up.

As soon as I alighted from the bus, I made a beeline out of the station.

Just to make it clear, it wouldn’t make it any difference if he was not all sloppy, sweaty and fat, I would still be terrified because I know my instincts told me something is not right and to quickly get out of the conversation or just get it over with it.

I mean, social escort!? Dammit!

I actually feel pity for any stupid or desperate girl falling for this.


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