Playbrush: Playing while Brushing your Teeth! (Giveaway)

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Some of you may know that although I am not working, I spend most of my time help Mak take care of my 4 little nephews and niece ages 9, 6, 5 years old and one at only 5 months old. Believe me when I say I have more than a taste of what a mother experienced. I bathe them, feed them and even help them with school work. I don't want a medal or anything, I do this to help my mom.

I digress...

My point of sharing this is to tell you that one of the many challenging things to do is have the boys to brush their teeth properly.

I even resulted to singing 'This is the way we brush our teeth' where every repeat represents 1 area of the mouth. So imagine me singing that tune 8 times (front, sides, top, bottom and tongue) until my throat goes dry just to make sure that they brush properly.

Do you know that...

😀 More than half of all children in Singapore have one or more rotten teeth by the time they start primary school? -
😀 Many dentists agree that proper brushing takes at least 2 minutes & some even suggests 3 minutes?
😀 Proper brushing technique is probably more important than timing?
😀 If teeth are not brushed at an adequate time & with proper technique, it will lead to heavy plaque build up on teeth & eventually lead to plaque on the arteries?

I am not being an obsessive teeth cleaning aunt, my concerns are real.

So when I received an email to have a chance to try Playbrush (which honestly I've never heard of), I was ecstatic. Not only because it's cool but also useful.

What's so special about Playbrush?

It encourages users, especially kids to brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes properly. You know how kids of this generation are so in tuned with games from all kinds of consoles. By linking teeth brushing and game playing, everyone wins! 

In the box, you will receive the Playbrush, charger, instructional & safety manual, a raffle card and a storybook titled 'The story of Utoothia'.

The story book is rather cute and engaging as it gives a story line to the actual game. The clean and colorful characters add charisma and imagination. Since the book serves as a separate entity, who's to say you can't use as a for daily story book time too?

Playbrush comes with a charger that can be easily connected to any USB adapter and the Bluetooth connection after downloading the game app Utoothia (Android/iOS) was fairly easy. Switch the Bluetooth on your handphone and shake Playbrush. As soon as it blinks, you are good to go. 

As mentioned before, you can attach any sized manual toothbrush and believe me, I've tried. Which means 1 Playbrush is enough for the entire family. I love it that it's lightweight and not bulky which is perfect for travel too. It also comes in pink.

I know I have 3 nephews but I let Syihab try it first. He was apprehensive at first because this is the first time I use have him to try and review something for me let alone make a video out of it. Thanks to his exposure to YouTube channels like Evantube, I managed to convince him. hahaha

Despite being camera shy, after telling him the product he was going to try and review, he was excited. Who wouldn't be? It's a new toy & game for him which encourages him to brush his teeth properly although the latter serves as an achievement for the parents (and aunts).

Here's the setup. I placed a handphone holder (meant for cars lol) on the sink and it's a perfect stand and height for him. You can just lean the handphone against the tap or wall too. Of course, before putting the handphone, I downloaded Utoothia, chose & name the character before letting him connect and play.

Serious Syihab is serious.


I did gave him a trial run and had to warn him not to be so aggressive with this teeth brushing. It's bound to happen you know, sometimes when you play a game you get 'geram'.

Utoothia encourages the player to brush properly by having the sensor follow the direction of his brushing. For example, if he brushes left, the character shoots left. If he brushes his bottom teeth, the character shoots down. The game also encourages proper speed of teeth brushing. Each level lasts for 2 minutes. (familiar time frame?)

It has point system and achievement rewards to ensure constant interest. 

As soon as he got the hang of it, he couldn't get enough and we might have another problem.
Over brushing. haha

So what does Syihab thinks of Playbrush? Watch this video to find out.

Want to get your hands on one for your kid/nephews/niece/yourself?

You can try you luck to WIN your own set by heading to Sample Store’s Facebook page to participate in the contest giveaway that ends on 24th July 2016. If you’re one of the lucky 20 who win, they can then participate in the Playbrush Utoothia high score contest here.

Out of luck? Then you can purchase their own set at for a $20 discount off their retail price of SGD $89! Simply use promo code: PBSG2016

And guess what?
Playbrush is on the search for a kid Ambassador from 18th July 2016.
Stay tuned to Sample Store Facebook page for more details.

If I don't get to convince you enough 😢 and need more reviews, head down to Samplestore webpage on Playbrush for more bloggers' reviews.


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