Our Dream Deco

I am still in a partial day dreaming wedding stage. So although I had more or less gauge the wedding budgey with a few vendors in mind, I do stray.

At this point, arrows are pointing to an under the block wedding but I kinda want to use a small MPH 2 blocks away. The problem is, I think my family would rather have the wedding just below and the fact that although the MPH don't have columns, it is a little small compared to the space under our block. I just love it because it would be spacious and I've seen weddings held there. It looked so sweet, pretty and cosy.

At that time, I could just let it go in passing until I saw these pictures online.

That Dais.

That flowy decor and that off-white fresh color.

Those chairs and that arrangement.

That little touches.

Decor done by SID Events and it's literally at the MPH I wanted near Jalan Tenaga.

So what's the big deal?

1. It's the type of decor Jhon and I love. No fussy backdrops such as gigantic frames or pillars. This is the most accurate, ultra precise description of simple and classy. What hands SID Events must have to able to create magic with just off-white cloth?

2. Just by looking at the decor, I could tell it would burst our budget.

3. The fact that a small tentage is required for the buffet line; which I find very nice because it does not "tarnish" the main area which means it will an extra expenditure.

Basically, it's money lah. But then again, even if we had extra money, I don't know if I have the heart to give away extra just for deco. hur hur! the struggle is real! We even imagined we made the 2 cats that lived there (2 out of 13 that we fed every night. lol) don ribbons or cat dresses and sit with us.

Seriously, it felt like I had just met the love of my life and he died in my arms.

Okay, dah, enough of my dramatic venting. lol


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