Birthday Trip to Legoland, Malaysia Part 1

If you caught my video post for the outing, you should know about the trip by now. If not, click here: Shibly's 7th Birthday at Legoland, Malaysia (Video)

Here's the photos taken on that trip. There was not much because I think Jhon was a little laid back since I was recording video of the entire day. Nonetheless, I still had to divide the trip into 3 posts. Can you imagine if he actually was not that laid back? Anyways, he had captured plenty of great moments and here's part 1.


If you have a younger sibling, be prepared to have a kaypoh-chi. 

At the main entrance at Legoland, there was a giant dragon welcoming us. Unfortunately, we didn't get to take a photo of it. But check this out! Inside, there were 2 lego building forts. It was so amazing. While waiting for the adults to check in, Children can play immediately.

 I want this in my house please.

Of course, I joined the fun. Pfft.. hello? It's Legoland. Everything in there was made of lego or theme as one. There was no such thing as a boring corner.

Horray! We arrived early, about 11am and check in was at 3pm. So we left our luggage to the hotel's care and headed to the theme park.

Jumping for my video intro. lol

Heading to Lego City.
"Get your Driver License at Driving School, captain your own boat, pilot an airplane or take a train ride through LEGO® City."

Shibly was a little noob about it but I can't blame him. The ride was a little slow. Syihab had the chance to ride a smaller kiddy ride but he got impatient and queuing by himself made him agitated.

wah wah... Abg-abg muscle.

 After a while, the weather was starting to get blistering hot so luckily, there was a train ride which helped a little.

MiniWorld was amazing and breathtaking. There were about 17 countries portrayed there. Suddenly I felt my Lego building skills were so pathetic. Kudus to Jhon for capturing terrific angles.

Sweated like crazzy.

SIL with my mommy. This place was definitely one of her favorite spot. 

Wah... At Petronas tower! But bedek aje but isn't it amazing?

Done for part 1! 


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