Let's Get Married in Philippines!

I had a little chat with Jhon's sister weeks ago and apparently, his family kinda wanted us to get married in the Philippines. I understand their point of view, Jhon's entire clan can celebrate with us at his own home town.

Technically, I don't mind especially when Jhon said a simple SGD20K wedding here in Singapore is equivalent to roughly PHP680,000 and we can get a super grand, orang kaya style hotel wedding wor! =P

But hor, tak kan nak terbang Tok Kadi kat Manila? Kelakar pe? We are not Mat Salleh who can get anyone with a ordained certificate/ license to marry them. So obviously, we would have a 2nd wedding reception in Philippines. The next obvious question was what hotels serve Halal food? These are the issues they didn't see but I can't blame them so basically we just let it hang there.

Until a week later, my itchy fingers typed Halal hotels in Manila and this came up.
Hotels with Halal kitchen and Halal Restaurants.

There are 3 hotels with a Halal Kitchen!

All hotels are somewhat nearby Jhon's home and don't they look beautiful? To be clear, this is just main angan-angan aje okay? You know how BTB tend to stray out of the reality just to please their inner diva? haha This is what I am doing. Kononya, have double reception and the one in Philippines is a grand one.

I checked out all 3 hotels but the most transparent hotel in terms of wedding packages is Shangri-la Hotel so therefore my daydreaming of a wedding reception at Shangri-la begins.

Firstly, it's SHANGRI-LA yo! Atas ke pe?

They provide 4 different types of packages; Oriental Dream, Classic Romanticism, Pristine Elegance, and Romantic Hues. The most appealing packages for us was the last 3 and they range from SGD8,000++ to SGD13,000++ for first 100 or 150 people.

Firstly, yes, this amount only favors to those who will have a smaller amount of guests and before you go, "still mahal what.. still berjuta what". Please read on.

For just SGD8,000++, we get a buffet or sit down meals, a Bridal car for 3 hours, 3 tiered REAL cake (bottom only), live string trio, photo booth, Bridal suite AND Groom Suite, 1st anniversary overnight stay among the standard hotel wedding stuff. And if we take the Romantic Hues (obviously, the super mahal one), they even give you a 3D2N honeymoon at Manila/Cebu/Boracay!

This is rather impressive because I've checked a hotel with Halal kitchen in Singapore before and their deals are lame compared to the ones to in Philippines albeit cheaper. No bridal car, all bedek cake, no band, no photo booth and provide only 1 room but I can tell you those additional items costs more than the difference and hello? Shangri-la? Not just a random hotel.

All we need to bother is bridal make up and photographers.

But alas this is just a post to share my dream on wedding reception. lol

The end.


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