Favorable Wedding Favors

Wedding favors also known as berkat in the Malay community has come a long way. In the past, the go to wedding favor was always been boiled eggs stained red served in a glass and/or 'pulut' (yellow glutenous rice).


It later then ventured out to mini fans, designed soaps, mugs, frames etc. In another words, more modern and practical gifts.


Now, edible wedding favors are popular because guests appreciate something that could satisfy their stomach and also don't have to collect wedding favors that eventually collect dust.

[Ola Lola]

Wedding favours are not usually given much thought especially there are so many main issues to worry about. Plus, in most families, the mommies are usually the dominant one in what wedding favor they want to give.

You know what my mom want to give? A crystal flower and she is serious. Mak oi... Melebih eh? She said since I am the last child to get married, she want it 'special' but since the money is coming out from Jhon's and my pocket, we don't feel special at all pun. Especially knowing how makcik-makcik can be, confirm they will swipe more than they should then for sure, we will be out too quickly.


You know how it is easy to dream far and wide until you started to actually plan and budget? My day dream berkat last year is actually honey. It is because it's unique, looks great, has many purposes and I have a relationship with honey because it saved my damaged hair. =p

I was thinking of tagging recipes of honey tea and hair treatment. =P

Cost wise, it would not considered as budget but achievable.

Being realistic, as a couple, we have don't have anything specific in mind. Just something easy on the eyes and of course, fitting the smallest budget possible. Unfortunately, since we are planning on a small wedding, about 300pax, it's difficult to cut down costs. Since price is decreased as more quantity is ordered.

After much research, I was leaning towards traditional wedding favors. Generally because I want to try to infuse traditional Malay into the wedding but the cost is definitely not meant for people on a budget. There is also this fear in the back of my mind that the glutenous rice may not received 100% fresh.

[Ovenly Sweet]

I guess there will always be fears especially when it comes to food but there is where trust in your vendors comes in. At this point, we are still open to types of berkats and leaning to the simpler versions of it.


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