Yearly DIY Couple Photoshoot

Oh hai!

Twice a year, I always insist a couple photo shoot for Jhon and I. I want this because whenever we go out for outings especially with other people, it's rare to get shots of us together. Jhon is always behind the camera and when we do get a picture together, it's either a couple selfie or a standard shot. When it's family or friends, they always get those spontaneous and fun shots.

I also want, wor!!

Equipped with a tripod and remote control trigger, we went to Sentosa. Initially, the plan was to watch the crane dance but I thought we could take photos along the Sentosa boardwalk.

Even we have done this plenty of times, it's still embarrassing for us. People ALWAYS look, stare and smile/laugh. I try to comfort myself by saying when we have wedding photo shoot how? With beautiful outfits, tourists would even sneak a shot for themselves. At least that's what I noticed when I see wedding outdoor shoots.

There was a couple dating at the staircase and we 'potong steam' with our feeling-feeling couple photo shoot. haha

So ignore-ignore. It's hard when Jhon is fiddling with the camera and I am alone on the 'shooting' area. Awkward.... Especially when they see the ball head thingy for his tripod, maciam gun! lol

[I was making the "HIYAAAA!!!!" face. Not flattering at all]

Feeling-feeling garden here. By this time, getting sticky and hot because of the direct glare of the sun so it looks a little stiff? After these shots, we took a rest and headed to the nearest McDonald's and got ready for the crane dance that starts at 9pm.

The crane dance was fabulous okay? I actually want to go again and this time, to video it in HD. Just a warning though, it will make you a little wet if the wind happens to blow into the audience's direction. Unfortunately, photos taken were not fantastic. It's not easy to take nice shots because not only it's a night shot, the cranes were moving, there was water everywhere and not to mention having the lens wet.

I am very adamant to go again; for Jhon to achieve the perfect or close to perfect shot and for us to enjoy the show again.

(Water droplets on the lens haha)


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