The Failed Adventure Cove 2

Yes, there was a first failed adventure cove [read here]. Yes, I managed to fail having a full experience in a luxurious water theme park in Singapore twice. 

This time, the failure only applies to me because lo and behold, the afternoon before the fun day, I got my period. My monthly reds are never on the dot (haha) but I can usually guess the week I was getting a visit. Another special exception was that the trip was made for Mom who needed an escape. Abg Jamil & I had no choice but take a chance for her sake.

Well, chance was not on my side so I turned Adventure Cove into a seating place to read an e-book on the handphone while Mom, Abg Jamil and Jhon had their fun. It was a perfect day too, the day was cloudy with the right amount of sun shining through. Before they went to leave me, I forced Jhon to take ridiculous amount of photos of me since the lighting was perfect. Haha

I won't deny it, it was sort of depressing but I told myself it was probably the hormones talking and let myself engulf in a horror book in handphone app, Wattpad.

5 hours passed quite smoothly and we headed to Abg Jamil's house to rest and have supper. All went well actually despite me being left out because by the end of the day, this outing was for Mom and as long as she is happy, I am happy.


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  1. vacation with family is the most fun thing, in the midst of us.