LoveMore Collagen Eye Firming Patch

You have read it right, ladies. LoveMore has produced a mask that caters only for your eyes! I was genuinely excited about this and it came just in time. Sometimes, we just have to pay extra attention with those peepers of ours especially in this time of age of technology and gadgetry.

There are 3 types of eye masks that specifically caters for Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Dark Eye Circles and Anti- Puffy Eyes. I managed to get the Anti-Puffy Eyes and I LOVE IT!

(Side Note: I love the color of my hair here and it's all from DIY honey hair lightening treatment! 
Will blog about it eventually)

As much as I have learned to embrace eye pouches because it does provide a youthful look [Read my post here] I should not let those eye pouches gradually turn into eye bags because prevention is better than cure.

I love it for what the mask offers and also how it looks so pretty! Before I show you what I meant by pretty, let me tell you what is so fantastic about The Collagen Eye Firming Patch.

Every drop consists of properties that firms, dehydrates and moisturizes that sensitive area of your skin. With regular usage, your skin will be revitalize its elasticity and youthfulness and leaving it smooth and hydrated.

Okay, 1 more thing that makes me extra excited to wear the eye mask is that it has a ear-hook design so you can hook on your ears so that it can be securely placed on your eyes. Now you don't have to be stuck in a lying position all the time but it would not be an issue because as soon as I put it on, all I want to do is lie down and enjoy the cooling sensations on my eyes for 15-20mins.

Oh, did I mentioned that it's so pretty?? The eye mask is scalloped in design making it look like a masquerade mask. As some of you know, eye/face masks can look very creepy when put on but not this one!

Cheeyy... Nice or not? I am ready to go to a ball. Where is my prince. =P

To get your hands on the masks, click here. You can also find out more info for the Anti-Wrinkle and Anti- Dark Eye masks. Note that their eye mask designs differ in regards to what they cater for.


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