Our 1st Walkathon - NTUC Walks With U 2013

I have always been interested in those jogging or running marathons, mainly because of their pretty medals if you finish the route; extra points if it’s for a good cause. But a’las, despite yours truly energetic ways, I have weak lungs and stamina.
My best bet would be a walkathon which does not come as often as the more strenuous marathons. I love walking and its part of my exercise regime. I know, very auntie like but who has lost 10kg and maintained in 3 years? Me.
Anyways, I was thrilled when NTUC had organised a 4 km walkathon called “NTUC Walk With Me” at Marina Barrage to Gardens by the Bay (east). What is the cherry on top? NTUC will donate $100 voucher for every registered participate to FairPrice Food Voucher Scheme which provides vouchers for needy families to all 87 constituencies in Singapore.

The walkathon was sponsored by many popular brands like L’Oreal, Pokka, Colgate, Maybelline, Ayam Brand and lots more so you can imagine how heavy our goodie bags were. We also received New Balance Shirts to be worn on event day with bibs.
Before heading to Marina Bay Sands, Jhon and I had mentally prepared for a crowded and stuffy experience but we never fell suffocated at all, kudos to the organising team for that.

There was a carnival with games booths and booths that gave away freebies by our lovely sponsors. After pinning our bibs, submitting our tags for a lucky draw and checking the place out, I attacked the gaming booths. There was no prize for winners but it was fun. There wasn’t much of a queue because majority was busy collecting freebies. Surprisingly, I did very well in most of the games. =P
Then I saw the balloon stall. Okay, I saw the ladies at the balloon stalls first and THEN noticed it was a balloon stall. Mind you, at 29 years old, I still go gaga with balloons and I really tried my best trying to be an adult.

A few minutes later, the walkathon started.
It was a beautiful sight. Despite of the crowd, everyone was enthusiastic with happy faces and in awe with the beautiful slightly hazy sunrise. Even my teddy couldn’t help but absorb the healthy sunrays. (Yes, I succumbed to my inner child and ended up queuing and squealed for a teddy balloon)

It was a crowded start but after 100m, the crowd started to space out so we get to walk at our own comfortable pace. At every few meters, there were entertainers to cheer us on and amuse us.
There were percussionists, mimes, stilt walkers, magicians and more throughout the walk.

The highlight of the walk would be the magic act. I know, as adults, we tend to find it boring because basic ally we know how it is done but I was told, despite that knowledge, when it happens right before your eyes, it will still blow your mind!
There were 2 magicians and 1 was trying to get our attention with little success so I stepped up and said “IMPRESS ME!!” He took up the challenge and it was a simple card trick. Pick a card, any card, look at your card, show to everyone, put it back in, shuffle and ta daa! It’s on top of the deck.
It was not as impressive so he shuffled again and it appeared in his mouth!! I shrieked like a gullible little girl… That sleight of hand was incredible.
After close to 2 hours, we finally reached our finishing point. Although it was a leisurely walk, we felt a good sense of accomplishment. Plus, we met several interesting people along the way. Everyone was friendly and very willing to have their pictures taken by strangers because they were just that good in a mood.

Everyone cooled down, rested and some collected food and drink samples while we wait for the closing ceremony.
There were about 5,000 people in attendance which meant there was $500,000 worth of food vouchers for the needy. Furthermore, NTUC doubled the amount with totalled to $1,000,000. Count that zeros!

We didn’t win the lucky draw though but it was definitely a feel good day despite the haze. We had exercised the good for our body, mind and soul.

I want to go again!

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