Romantic Super Moon Anniversary

For 5 consecutive years, we have always tried to plan something special for our anniversary but this year, we barely had plans. We had rough ideas such as going to Lego Land, Botanical Garden Picnic, couples massage with Swedish dinner but for some apparent reason, the plans where never solidified and the Singapore haze didn’t helped either.

It was last minute and we almost didn’t celebrate our 6th year anniversary but the haze cleared by 2pm so we headed to East Coast Park.

We bought Mutton chop, snacks, drinks and while we were waiting for the food; I read in the net that it was SUPER MOON NIGHT!

Yes! On 23rd June 2013, not only it signifies our long relationship but also happens to be the night when the moon is closest to the earth at a convenient time of 7:35pm. The haze was lifted at that moment so we hoped that it stayed that way so we can see the super moon.

We spent our time, taking random photos, sharing random stories and be a little mushy here and there. It was sweet. In fact, we were so engrossed with each other’s company that we almost forgot that THIS was overlooking us.

The Super moon.
See the scale from the ships below. It's huge!

It was big, beautiful and orangey-red due to the slight hazy sky. Before we knew it, the clouds and haze appeared after 30mins and the moon hid from our gawking eyes.

It was a perfect night with my perfect love. I could not ask for anything more. Don’t you love it when everything falls nicely into place without even trying?


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