Belated Xmas & NY Lunch Party

On Friday, workplace organised a belated Christmas and New Year lunch party.

The reason we had it belated because the big bosses were on their end of the year leaves.

Photos were taken by a colleague with his personal D7000 DSLR. Yes, Jhon and my eyes were constantly on that camera and Jhon even managed to test shot it. No edits except for my face to add color because I look pale. =P

Our lunch was held at Roxy Mercury Hotel and the Halal food was rather delicious until they serve the Spaghetti.


The Halal table. Jhon is not at the table because he is the one taking this photo lol

The lunch got funny when they have a small game on the exchange of presents. A lot of photos of laughing and I love it that snap shots photos of me look good. lol Vain pot me. I am suppose to look at the Tender Construction Manager but I am looking at myself and Jhon instead. =P

After 5 years, that was the best lunch I ever went to.


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