Wedding at Hougang

I got to admit, if I saw my cousin, I would never ever recognize her because we have never met. Her dad is my late grandma’s sister’s daughter’s daughter. @_@ Did I get it right? I hope so. Haha

Mommy before leaving the house.

The arrival and departure of the bride and groom was earlier than the ‘standard’ time so when we arrived to their venue, they just left. The pavilion looks simple but well decorated. I actually loved it. The place was also crowded so we had a little difficulty to get a table but other than that, everything was rather nice, the food, the ambiance despite of the crowd and variety.

It was also the first time I went to a wedding with many Chinese mostly because of their contacts and family. We actually blended in but still got stares because we were not obviously recognized.

After lunch, we mingled for a while, met my close relatives and watch the kids get slowly cranky from heat. I think the parents managed to get them more or less under control. Look at Syihab, walking like a boss.

One of them is 100%  Chinese and the other is only 1/6 Chinese but I bet you can't tell the difference. lol The boy in yellow is pure Chinese. =p

After a while, we ‘cabut’ and headed to Marina Barrage for a fantastic fun afternoon. There were many photos taken that day so it will be at another post. Watch this space!


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