There are just too many masks in the market lately with all kinds of special ingredients for your face and after a while, everything is just a blur. There is no point of having tons (obviously an exaggeration) of elements in a mask but it does not alow your face to absorb as much as it should.

This is where ‘but, Becky Radiance Luminescence Pearl Mask' comes into the picture. It has ginko essence and packed with vitamin A & C blab la. But what makes it so special is the Pearl extract.

It also comes in a generous pack of 8.

With a clean face, apply the wet and cooling 3D mask on your face and rest for 10-20 minutes. Because of the ear and neck holder with a more stretchy material, you can really feel your skin pulled tight.

Thanks to the pearl extract, it helps absorbs more of those wonderful ingredients making your face MORE moisturized  fairer and clearer.

Get your hands on a box of ‘but, Becky Radiance Luminescence Pearl Mask' at participating outlets and try their other types of masks too!

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  1. I happened to published a comment in one of my old SK-II's posts & found yours. Just dropping by to say 'hi'; been a while...

    Wonderful review! I've also been asked to review this but simply have no time :< Nice to be back here again! Looking fwd to sharing!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for dropping by :)