Hello 2013

How was your 1st day of 2013? Hung over, Refreshed or Generally gung ho for the New Year?

I have learnt a lot especially towards the end of the year 2012 and with 2013; I intend to face it with a new disposition.

I will pick my battles. I admit, I set off easily so I need to be aware what the issues are and whether it was worth it. Most of them are pet peeves and since I am most probably have to deal with it every day; it’s obviously not worth it to be pissed every day.

People will always stare and gossip even though I did nothing. I will always keep in mind that I have affected their lives but I will not let them affect mine. If they want to be fictional story tellers or critics with me as their main character, let them be. Only I, those who are close to me and God know the truth.

As much as some people’s actions and consequences are predictable in terms of bad situations, I will try my best not to always expect the bad or worst of others. Even if I was right as a though crossed my mind, I should not be smug about it but hope the best for them. I did that late December and it felt good.

Even though it sucks to be always get the short end of the stick, felt mistreated or disrespected, I will not live by “An eye for an eye” but lead by example. I know it will be very hard but I know it will be worth it and there will be a time for me to shine.

I will lead with those 4 mottos in mind to achieve and maintain a peaceful life with less emotional outbursts. I have started them in December 2012 and I hope I can continue the entire 2013 and years to come.


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