Crocheted Scarves Photoshoot

:Insert meme:
I don't always post self portraits on my blog but when I do, I bombarded them.

These photos were taken on May 2012 and was re-edited recently. Lost weight since then too.

The main idea was just to do a photo shoot with 2 crocheted scarves given by Jhon's mom as a gift to me. It was handmade and I absolutely adored it that I had to take photos with it.

Attempt at smiling without my teeth which I don't do. Looks a little awkward but I like the composition of the photo.

Shadow play.

Facing the sun.

Normal shot.

Emo-I-don't-know-what shot but I love it!.

Abrupt end.

I was shy while taking photos because people were staring and it was just the two of us with me overly dressed at Pasir Ris Beach. =P Thanks to Jhon for taking the nice shots and sorry for being anal re tentative on how I want the pictures to be composed. haha 


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