Majlis Cukur Rambut Video

Fizah’s nephew had a ‘cukur rambut’ ceremony and as requested by her mom, Jhon had to video the ceremony. You how it goes, mom and dad are always busy running around getting things in order and mingling until they miss the actual event.

We did videography before with our old camcorder and it was not to our standards although Fizah’s family enjoyed it. Besides the clarity of the video from the camcorder was poor, Jhon told me that it is giving problems so there is only 1 thing we can do. Rent.

We ended up renting a DSLR that can take HD videos because it’s cheaper than an actual camcorder. Another problem was getting proper video editing software besides using Microsoft Movie Maker. It was fine but it has restrictions especially when you have certain effects in mind.

Jhon ended up downloading a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro. After 2 hours of tutorials from YouTube (I love YouTube!) and I got the hang of it. It did helped that I had played with movie makers before.

Long story short, we managed to stitch everything together, video and audio. It’s not superbly awesome but definitely a significant improvement from our previous video. Edits are not to the T but it's okay. It's difficult when using pro movie makers where even the faded transition is so detailed.

Enough chit-chat, here it is!

Unfortunately, can't view video through mobile because of copyright issues from Mahir Zain's song. BLUEK!