Jhon's 30th Birthday

Ever since we first knew each other, I have always tried to make Jhon's birthday special and/or different. I guess the fact that he does not get to celebrate his birthdays with his family makes me want to try harder for him.

This year, my initial plans for his birthday was a flop and for the first time, I had absolutely no idea what to plan for his 30th birthday. I know he has been slightly stressed hitting the big three O mainly because sometimes he find it sucky that he had to put his goals on hold to fulfill his responsibilities as a son and brother.

Anyways, I was stumped for a while but I had an idea.

I decided to go very simple and down to earth this year and I know he would appreciate it. I applied half day leave on his birthday so I could get some groceries and cook one of his favorite soup. Macaroni Soup.

I know I am supposed to use elbow macaroni but I find this cuter and presentable. lol

So after work, he came to my place and I served him his favorite dish. At that time, he didn't know what was cooked for him and he was happily surprised. yey!

I also bought and wrote him a birthday card and that was it. It was very simple but at the end of the day, he thank you 5 times and really appreciated the gesture. I felt weird for not having a special outing so I was happy to know he loved my plan. hehe

Happy birthday, mahal ko!
[I have said what I need to say in the card so no need to write it here. lol]



  1. Yummiest looking meal ever - I like the simplicity. Chilli's enticing ^_^