Majlis Cukur Rambut Zafrul Affan

Have you seen the video Jhon and I edited? It is basically a video summary of what happened on that day while this post consists of photos. More or less the photos we managed to capture because the DSLR is mostly used for videography.


The Marhabban starts at 10am and we were grateful the venue is right behind Jhon’s home. When we arrived, the prayers were about to start. Unfortunately, Jhon and I didn’t have time to settle down and was dripping in sweat, especially Jhon.

Zafrul Affan didn’t cry the entire time and was more to confuse on what was going on. He not only had little hair but also fine hair which made the men had difficulty trimming it. haha

After the prayers were done, we had our lunch, rested and chit-chat with Fizah who was unfortunately was visited by the ‘frenemy’ in red. After a couple of hours, we headed downstairs for the rest of the day.

It was a slow start and the crowd grew after 2pm; just before I had another serving of food downstairs. They are different type of food compared to upstairs okay? :gluttonface:

Although the main focus was on Affan’s ceremony, his family also wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate his 3rd month birthday, his parent’s 1st year anniversary and his auntie’s birthday. It was funny someone commented why they didn’t order a “branded” cake. -_- It’s going to be ended up into poop anyways, is there such thing as branded poop? Does it smell better?


The entire ceremony went well and smoothly; simple, humble and nice. Jhon and I didn’t stay until clean up because well, we already did what we need to do, mingled and just tired. Thanks to Fizah’s family and in-laws for having us part of the ceremony and happy they loved the video.

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