It's True!

I think this is true for if not all, most girls.

Comic is comes from

I've come across it 2 months ago and was also around the same time I lost my soul.... (to 9gag)

Yes, I am hooked! Although it is slowly turned into soft porn with semi  'nekkid' girls but it's okay i guess. Their bodies are hot! Gives me motivation to look good too. =D

I wanted to share a meme comic of Queen's Bohemian Rasphody but it's too big but I will post it here anyways but you got to click to enlarge okay?

It's worth it!
Read it as how you would sing it.



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  1. Hi zzanyy, thks for sharing the cute pics, that queen song is my favourite, can do wonders with it, like playing air guitar, headbang, opera and all sorts of comical movements. Pls do drop by to read my story for Halloween :)