Hisham's Wedding

Yet another cousin has gotten married. Hisham is my cousin on my paternal side and it is official, I am the oldest among my cousins on both sides who is not married yet. Not that it has an effect on me.

Perhaps the only effect is when my younger cousins are planning or thinking of marriage and it made me think they are too young (when they are only a few years younger) or wonder what is the hurry? To each it's own, I guess.

But I digress.

Deco was pretty nice, not too simple compared to standard groom's deco. I can't believe my cousin is 30 because he looks younger.

Unfortunately, food was disappointing and it was the first time I was hungry by evening fell. I only ate for brunch, something light for lunch and ate cotton candy the rest of the day. Cotton candy was the only appetizing food. =(

Don't get me started with the DJ who kept announcing that he is the brother of a radio DJ in Ria.

Besides that, the wedding was beautiful although time management was poor. But trust me, I have been to worst.

Bride and groom looked wonderful and I wish them all the best in their marriage. Congratulations!