Siblings or Lovers?

Recently, colleagues commented that Jhon and I look alike or look like brother and sister.

Well, lets just say that I was upset upon hearing that while Jhon was indifferent. Initially he did not like that comment too but he just brush it off.

Well, I can't.

To me, looking like siblings when you are supposed to look like lovers is sick. INCEST!!

But I do agree that certain couples look like each other especially those had married with each other for a very long time. So I look it up. I had to know, technically was it a good or bad thing?

I am glad to know it is a good thing! It means we are a very happy couple since we have only been together for almost 4 years. It does makes sense though since genetically, we are attracted to someone who has similarities to us and the fact that being together means living the same lifestyle.
We eat, laugh and do stuff together so it is more likely that both people have the same physical response to it.

Anyways, despite it all, I still disagree that we look like each other.

We have totally opposite features.
[this is the latest picture we have as a couple which was last month haha]

So if being happy together do really makes a couple look like each other, I hope in a few years, I will have Jhon's sharp nose and juicy lips.

yey!! kthxbai!



  1. Than i must find a very beautiful wife so i can be more handsome XD