Officially in the late 20s category

Yes, yet another year had passed and I have turned 27.

Age has never been an issue with me; it has been nothing but a number and I always believe that you are as old as you feel.

I feel young. I feel there are more things “out there” to explore and experience. I feel young at heart.

Although there are already signs of old age where I drink more hot drinks, I have this sudden need to look for the fountain of youth (to look young & fresh) and say things like “They don’t make music like they used to” and “I don’t understand the fashion nowadays. Metrosexual? Looks like gay to me”

I guess many would stress about it but I am not which makes me worry. Why I am not stressed?

I think it is because my biological clock is broken.

I don’t feel the pressure or need to get married and have children. Practically most of the girls in my clique are married and have an average of 2 children.

“So old already and still not married…” So? It does not have an effect on me and that is why I don’t feel the pressure. I think that is the reason why single people feel stressed.

I honestly do not feel that I am 27 and feel cheated as if the astronomical clock is way too fast due to Superman’s gravitational pull when he flew too fast around the world. [Geek alert]

Well, Happy Birthday to me, life is indeed beautiful even though several people tend to make it otherwise for me every now and then.

Here is to one more year and hopes 27 is great and let’s see if my biological clock is fixed by next year. hehe


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