Weekend Getaway to Bali – Day 1

Duration: 8th April 2011 to 10th April 2011

Flight: Garuda Airlines

Accommodation: Kamuela Private Villa with Swimming Pool at Seminyak

It is our first time visit to Bali, Indonesia for Fizah, Jhon and I and also our first time independent trip. Wohoo! We are adults! =P

Our flight was at 9am so it was an early start for us especially for Fizah who lives 1 hour away from the airport. Surprisingly, she was not late but in fact early. “Orang excited katakan” hehe First batch of photos will the standard “posing-with-the-airline-tickets-and-we-are-the-airport-tau” pictures.

The flight duration was 2.30+ hours and we watched “Outsourced”, Gags shows and a Hindi movie; (obviously did not manage to finish the Hindi movie). Oh yeah, and more standard pictures, this time is of clouds and the view outside. ^_^

It was humid when we reached Denpasar airport and our driver was nowhere to be found and that was the 1st cranky moment for Jhon. Apparently there was a traffic jam so our driver was late, perhaps for 10 minutes so it was all good.

I love the monument outside the airport which was so epic and grand. While on the way to our villa, we even saw Chicken Run restaurant. *scratches head*

25 minutes later, we were at the Villa’s lobby. I love their décor and I could barely pay attention to the receptionist who was very nice by the way. Everyone who we met was very hospitable and I love the way they call me, pronouncing my name as “Ms Xura”. They sound so genuinely nice unlike “BAI!!1”

When we were escorted to our private villa, I have got to admit we were pretty cool at trying to compose our excitement. It was only when the staff left, Fizah and I were shrieking because it was so nice! It was small but it was still fantastic but then again, we have never been in a private villa before so practically anything could amaze us.



What was Jhon doing all this time? He was reading the villa’s booklet, unpacking and having a 2nd cranky moment because he was hungry.
Sorry Jhon. I must take picture of every corner of the place before we mess it up with our stuff.

So we finally went out to explore and find food before Jhon explodes and found ourselves a French/Italian restaurant. We doubted the place because we were the only customers but the food was DELICIOUS HOKAY!!?!

Jhon had Salmon Carbonara which he switched with my Beef Lasagne and Fizah had Seafood Pasta.

After our late lunch, we explored the place and we were so lucky because the place was surrounded by affordable boutiques. Fizah and Jhon could’ve splurge like crazy but surprisingly they were money conscious and were afraid that they might over spend and have no money left for the next day.

We agreed that we would just look and see first and come back on our third day to spend everything away.

About 5-6pm, we went back to our villa because Jhon was having his 3rd cranky moment because he was getting sticky and worried he has no time to take a shower before our complimentary seaside dinner.

To appease the man, we headed back to our villa and while Fizah and I were resting, we heard a splash.
Jhon had taken a dip in the pool first. -_- There was nothing we could do but watch helplessly. We wanted to join but us being girls, after the pool, we have to take a shower, make up and what not and we have only 1hour for the both of us to get ready. It sucks to be girls sometimes.

ANYWAYS, our driver picked us up for our seaside seafood dinner at Jimbaran.

Too bad it was too dark to see the sea (or is it ocean?) but the ambience was still excellent and as for the seafood, it was not that great but I was hooked on their peanuts!!! I even ate Jhon and Fizah’s share. We had a great time there, laughing and gossiping hehe.

Went back to the villa and we finally jumped into the pool. Must…make…full…use…of….villa….

It was so freaking cold!! It took us 20minutes to comfortably completely submerge ourselves. Haha and the gossiping and playing around started.

We kind of turned in early because we knew it was going to be a loooooong day the next day because it was tour day and oh boy, were we right.
To be continued……..    


  1. Awesome!!! I went to Bali on last January...

  2. i was interested in the villa u stay....
    would u like to share where u book the tour from? how u book the trip...
    hope u will reply..

    1. I got the Villa via a deal website (outlet.com.sg) if you keep a look out, they sometimes have similar deals of private villas in Bali.

      As for the tour, I booked with the villa and they arranged everything.

      Here is the contact details for the villa we stayed:

      Villas Indonesia
      734 North Bridge Road, #02-02 Singapore 198702 | Call: +65 - 8383 3442

      I hope this helps =)

  3. really appreciated for the reply...

    which means u book air ticket youself
    purchase the deal for the villas
    arrange tour from the villa company... (and the will customize or arrange for you)