The Wrath of zzanyy!!!!!

Nah... im just being dramatic...but see what i accidently did to this Pilot pen. hahhaa

I was busy doing my work just want to re-cap the pen and i felt something didn't feel quite right and when i checked, yup.... I have a modified pen now and i can't fix it back and there's still a lot of ink in there! oh well.

Anyways, recently went to Millenia Walk to check out Nikko; a car scale model shop. From being so cranky from walking with high heels, i became so happy as if i was in heaven because i saw the type of car that i really like!

Its vintage scale model cars and what i love the most is that its even made of tin which make it extra old-school and when i checked out the tag, its about $550! Yikes! I was soooo GEEERRRAM!

Jhon managed to get a car and he bought for me this.

Because i kept eyeing it and grinning like a school boy.

Never mind it says 8-15 years old, i love it! Its only $20 anyways and if i collect all the designs, i can get a bonus design!!

I guess i like it so much because it so old school looking when its done and i cant wait to keep it until it rusts. bwahahaha

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