Photography and Lego Exhibits!

Over the weekend, Jhon and I made our first time visit to the Art Science Museum to view 2 exhibits  Outside in: A Magnum Photos and The Art of the Brick.


There are no photos from the Outside In exhibit because no photography is allowed but they did share a video if you want to have a rough idea what was showcased. 

Personally, although there were quite a lot of great photos, the exhibit was not that fantastic. Location serves most of the purpose of what makes the photo beautiful. Despite it all, we still enjoyed the exhibit. I would recommend paying $15 for 2 exhibits as opposed to just this 1. 

As for The Art of the Brick, it was not only artistic but also fun. It is Lego afterall! I can spend hours in that exhibit  I can't imagine how I would be at Legoland. haha 

Self portrait of the artist, New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya.  He has always loved playing with Legos as a little boy and grew up to become a lawyer. One day, he decided to bring out that little boy in him by quiting his job and start building Legos full time.

There were also booths where you can Lego-ize yourself. Not that great, I guess easily appreciated from afar.


He also have a special room  that represents his fears and hard times.

The last artwork is a 6 meter long T-rex dinosaur skeleton. It was amazing!

At the end, there is an activity space. You can paint a bag, do 'reflexlogoy' with Lego bricks. OUCH! and also loads and loads of of Lego bricks to make your own artwork.

Our table has items to build car models but I challenged Jhon to create a camera. lol I created a DSLR camera (on the left) complete with a dial hokay? Jhon created a digital camera (on the right)

I still believe mine is the best. =P

I would strongly encourage a visit to The Art of the Brick and bring kids too!


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